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Image by Austin Ban

It all started with a single thought: what if we could create pink, purple or white-stemmed broccolis. Fluorescent-pink leafed kales. Bright red cabbage… A thought that quickly turned into an idea: what if we’d transfer the bright colours from traditional flowering kales, into edible ornamentals such as cabbage and broccoli.

An idea, that quickly turned into “Project Crossover”.

Project Crossover: world’s first edible ornamentals

From our Pennsylvania farm, ten technicians, each devoted thirty hours per week for over a course of five years. Years spent sowing, digging, hand-pollinating… After five years and forty-thousand hours of labour - we did it.


We proudly held the world’s first edible ornamental. A drop-dead gorgeous kale with increased, sweet-tasting flavour and tough, succulent-like leaves. A fluorescent-pink kale with a seriously increased level of antioxidants: raised to add an extra dimension to life.


Bred to change the way we work with food.


But it doesn’t end here

Years of hard work, care and labour - and we’re not even close to tired. We’re still dreaming of pink, purple or white-stemmed broccolis, bright red cabbage - and so much more.


We’ve got our eyes on the future.

Do you?

the team



Breeder, producer

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"Support nature, produce at home."


Reinier van Rijssen

Legal & financial admin

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“There’s so much more to enjoy in life when you’re in good health. And honest food, contributes more than you can imagine.”


Gary Vanburen

Account manager

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"You are what you eat. To eat healthy, I always prefer colours over greens."


Pat Fitzgerald

Account manager, trials

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"Variety is the spice of life, Brassicasa introduces a whole new range of options to our daily diet."


Peter van Rijssen

Account manager

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"When a revolution is born, it changes the standard. Brassicasa is next level food, gardening & fun."

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